September 19, 2008

Sona 2008 oriented Researches. . . .

Automated Irrigation System

Some irrigation system are still manually operated and has something that can developed to maximize farming profit and others.

1. To conserve water usage.
2. To minimize human labor.
3. To have flexible Irrigation System for farmers.
4. To ensure well distribution of water.
5. To maximize farm profit.

Electronic National and Local Elections

Technology is applied to one vital functions of the government which is conducting a timely elections of leaders.

1. To have a more reliable election procedure.
2. To have faster casting and counting of votes.
3. To have ease gathering of data for statistical analysis.
4. To have flexible electoral process.
5. To have easy reviews and evaluations of results.

Animation Society

Animation is a good field of Information Technology that people can create break-out and be internationally competitive of.

1. To create a progressive community for animation technology.
2. To create new animation techniques and advances.
3. To develop new animating tools and softwares.
4. To add employment.
5. To participate international competitions.