December 18, 2008

What can we do about Global Warming?

Global Warming

Global warming is the real issue for today. There are so many discussions regarding the issue internationally and locally. And I think there are enough information in order for people to help minimizing this climate change.

Right now all we need to do is to find these information, try to evaluate and implement these proposed steps we think are effective as soon as possible. I think we no more need to propose another step or ideas in minimizing global warming if we ourselves are not really discpline and can't even perform the basic steps in preserving our environment.

Below are some sites suggesting several steps people can do today regarding global warming.


Every proposed steps and ideas are useless without the support of the many. Even with a single step that we can perform among these shared ideas is already a great contribution to alleviate our suffering.

At this point of time we should be in a hurry and not waste time, every second of human mess can contribute to the increase of global warming.




emoteragwapa said...

let us all be educated on the things that would contribute to global warming. And lets all help to reduce global warming.

mae said...

Try to do things that you are capable of and do not wait time when to do it.