January 8, 2009

Possible Future Technologies

“Technology Never Stops”. Technology was created due to human desire and necessity. Since human have always needs and desires in life, so there is always technologies that will be made. Technology is already part of the people’s everyday lives. As repeatedly said, some people can’t live without the aide of technology.In many centuries have passed, technology was always there. Every period of time there are a lot of technologies that people are starting to use, most of the technologies are just evolving from some previous technologies and few of those were newly created or invented. Technology changes accordingly. It changes based on what is demanded, in accordance to the environment, sometimes with the culture and to some other factors. Some people predict what would be technologies are in the future, how these technologies will look like and how it can be useful and harmful to human. But others truly say that future is hard to see and to predict. In one article posted by Ted S. Hasselbring of the University of Kentucky said that technologies like Education Technology is hard to predict however we can actually invent some these technologies for it to become available in the future. Right now there are a lot of predictions regarding the technologies for the future. In one site called Future for All listed possible technologies for the future according to fields.

These technologies mentioned above could possible be seen in the future but if we based it with the current technologies we have and the capabilities and knowledge people has today, we can surely say that most of the technologies listed above are not yet possible.
Talking with the possible effects of these mentioned technologies, it will surely change people’s lives. If I were the author of that article posted the possible technologies in the future, I might reason out or think of following:

Artificial Intelligence
If we have those machines as mentioned, people will no more hard time of interacting with machines. Machine itself can adjust to the people it is interacting with. Machine now acts like people. Since machine already can decides, the problem is if they do the worse things and people can never take control.

Technological inventions related to medicine and health are now of the greatest inventions. Since people wanted to live, he needs something to preserve his good health and strength to last long. Today there are still unknown and unresolved diseases and people are always hoping for good medicines and machines to be created.

The technology listed under this field seems part of curiosity of people. Since electronic devices are interoperated with natural matters like human’s body, people would surely try to create technologies like this. It is so very interesting if someone can see his /her own self from the time he/she was born until the present time. If this can be in form of marketed devices, it could be a great hit.

Unusual cities built underwater or underground could also be possible. Since human race is predicted to boom until land is never sufficient, then society would surely think living out of the land. But having one mega city for all, I think it is very impossible. Individuals have different perspective and interest in life that sometimes prefers not to follow others.

Today, communication is very amusing. No matter how far we are as long as we are still on the land of the earth, we can communicate using the current communicating technologies. Communication is very essential to the lives of people and this will never change even in the future. Thus human will try to make new inventions or innovations to make best communication. So this mentioned technologies are truly possible.

In the future, it seems that there will be no more computers since the computer itself functions much more than a basic computing machine. It is expected that computers and AI are joint and will act as human. All possible machines are computerized and these machines are utilized widely by people. The recent studies about making processing units of computers like human brain could have good result and become implemented in the future. Sooner, problems can be solves not only by one head but with two heads since computers are already are functioning like human.

Presently, human is facing crisis like food crisis and environmental change. People are fully alarmed to this problem and they are looking for the best solution for this crisis. And so, these mentioned technologies could possibly be the right solution of the problem. If only we could have enough resources like food, people no longer experience greater problem. Controlling the weather is still questionable for the today’s time, but in such case a lot are really affected. And this could be a start of war.

ll manually done systems in human activities are getting automated right now and due this, employment of electronic devices like computers and other machines are very often. Electronic devices are applied to many things like for entertainment, education, business and others. All these machines are affecting human’s lives and some activities no more function without the aide of these devices.

As part of the employment of technologies is the use of energy for to it to run or function. Good source of energy are natural resources like fuels. Since millions of electronic devices and technologies are being used by people right now, consumption of natural resource for energy is very heavy which causes right now crisis on fuels and others. Prices of these energy sources are getting higher since there is scarcity on the present supply. In addition, some energy source causes side effect to the environment like excessive heat or air pollution. So possibly in the future, there are new technologies that allow friendly effect to the environment and problem regarding scarcity is resolve with the innovative technologies. Maybe, the huge business of oil in the Middle East would twist in the future if such technologies would be implemented.

Possible, home architecture will also change in the future. It is very expected to have high-tech homes in the future since at present, homes are starting to get automated already. If all people would truly support the evolutions of things into something automated or electronic, smart homes will really be possible. But unless there are still people that preferred the old-fashioned comfortable houses, so the future regarding these types of homes is still not sure.

Another field of technology that is rapidly ongoing at present is nanotechnology. Here the technology is applied to the very foundation of nature and try create something new that will very useful to mankind. Right now, the researching community focusing this field is much funded so in the future, nanotechnologies of any sort are still possible. Nanotechnology is one field of Artificial Intelligence.

The studies about black holes and light speed are continuously being done. But the result of this study seems get less impact to the people. Most of the people are focusing to things like food, environment, entertainment, business and other personal matters. But maybe in the future, studies and technologies like this would be very useful.

Most robots are built as laborers. Most of these machines are designed to perform some job or function to help human or to work in behalf of human. Robots will surely evolve in the future. The mentioned technologies are greatly possible in the future. In fact, the development of AI is equal to the creation of robots. Currently, robots functions less unlike humans. Some robots are created for entertainment.

If all these mentioned machines and technologies will be created in the future, surely the society change will follow. Human adjust to its environment. They live according to what the things around them. Since people are very resourceful, then they will truly try to make use of the materials or technologies that are available. They will create new applications of the technologies that were created.

In the future, the earth will be so very small for the people. Human’s minds are very huge to only think about the earth but also with the outer space. People would surely think on the ways for him to try to live in space. Sooner, cities will not only be in underwater or underground yet it could be in the outer space. At present, human is studying the outer space if there are any places like earth where living things can survive. So human, is thinking to live not only on earth but also outside the earth. If only people can live on space, then people will never have problem regarding over crowding. Regarding aliens, future about this is still questionable because there are still less studies and unfinished studies about aliens at present. If there are real aliens living on space, so living in space will surely be not the usual living on earth.

Transportation like communication is another essential activity in human’s lives. Since time is very precious to human, then they will surely make ways for them to maximize time or possible no more time to use when doing activity like transporting. Traveling long distances consumes a lot of time, so new technologies like almost elevating trains, jets and sea-ships for traveling long distances are developed with great speed to consume less time. Also, locations like undergrounds and underwater are used to maximize space thus avoiding the hindrances of fast travel. If sooner, there will be technologies like these then it would be a great help to human lives.

If all of these technologies would truly exist in the future then let it be. We can't truly control fully the future unless we take some steps like inventing new technologies that would surely affects or dictates the coming future. All there are a lot of predictions regarding the technologies in the future, but most of these has less basis. We people, we must evaluate from ourselves and try to think if these technologies are truly possible. For me what is very important is the helpfulness of these technologies to mankind. If most of people would benefit to the technologies created, then my support is for these technologies. I believe all developers of technologies have their good purpose and I think they design these machines to truly help and serve the people.

If we try to create new technology, what we need to consider first is evaluation. We figure out if these technologies we create will truly be helpful to the people or sooner it will just become a problem to the most. Also if we continue creating useless technologies, it will be just become a big waste. We waste effort, time and resource.


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as technology continually develops, observing its pattern could help us in preparing ourselves for more advancements in the future...

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there would be probably or surely amazing discoveries that will transpire in the future.