June 11, 2010

saying something about changes and learning

(Waa. . . what kind of wind that puffed me out to start a new post?!)

Anyway, it feels like I started a new life here in abroad. So many changes, of course, one of those is the environment (so nice to experience the calm cold nights here in Hiroshima during winter); second the people, i always wonder why there are so many Japanese here in Japan (LOL); the language, the biggest barrier which makes it uneasy to get bonded with the Japanese; my daily routine is also changed (from home-school-home to apartment-office-apartment); my physical status, i am still thin but i look healthier now than before; the budget, before i had no choice but to be thrifty to be able to buy what a need but now i can (at least) buy it anytime i need; the stress, before, making projects and preparing for exams and long tests were very stressful, now are those jobs that i need to finish over time, very stressful. . . and so many other changes. . .

But to stress out, i find all of this changes a very good twist in my life. It feels like all of these changes are sort of learning.
It's turning 1 year since i came in this foreign country, so many changes and i realized that a year of stay here is somewhat full of learning. Learning which is something you can't imagine how you've learned it, or in what way you grasped the knowledge or how it happened, but it is something you will realize later on that you have learned something out of something (the experience). It feels like, it takes a year for me to realize all the changes happened back then, and now it came up to my mind that there where so many learning happened and i just can't specifically identify which of which situation I've learned it from. All the things are seems indirectly learned.


informaxona said...

Ayosa jud nimo ren uie! Hawd na au ka magnihonggo noh? nanaba gud ka in fairness...!

The Rice Creator said...

mu agi lang koh....... naihip siguro sa hangin nimo del! eheh! si glayra man pud bah.... nag announce gi lumot na daw ang mga blog namo! eeheheh! Palitik ko sa aping nimo del! buwaha!

julie ann m. niones said...

Experience is our greatest teacher. Before we know it we already learn new things without being aware of it. However, as soon as we realized it the knowledge we gained from the experience is already stored in our memory and it will never be deleted. Just continue learning and you'll bloom beautifully.

Hope to see you soon. Gambare!