November 27, 2008

Our Future Technology

Technology is very important. Some people perform their job and daily activities with this technologies. In fact, some people can't live without these technologies. All the technologies we have right now emerged from our necessities and needs. Until now, I fell that nothing have change from the way most people look at these technologies every time.We use the technology because of the following main reasons, we it use for our job, for leisure time and fun, and make nevertheless, to make our works easy and fast. And other important things which supports the daily activity of people.

Maybe, because of people around us, the new fashion trend and the type of job we have, we are influenced or somewhat force to use these technology.

For me, the key factors that affect the changes in technology is the environment which people is interacting with and affects the people's need and the competition between developers.
Technology has given has many advantages but also disadvantages that may become causes of huge problem to the people.


charmj said...

i agree with you.the changes in our environment, also causes us to change and gain another need.