November 27, 2008

Right now. . .

Right now, hopefully it would be the last sem for my course. I'm a graduating student taking computer science. As a fourth student, it is assumed that I must be competitive enough for this field of expertise chosen and ready to face the outside world. It is expected that I have learned a lot and good enough to share unto others. But it seems that I don't like that. Maybe, it is because I haven't truly developed my confidence yet or just to humble to say that "I am better" now.

I have experience and learned a lot from this course. I never expect to love everything that happened to my college years. I fell that I truly belong here. All the years were very challenging and full of hardship. Everything was great.

I don't know exactly how to describe an IT professional compare to other professionals. I don't know exactly how to differentiate him/her, but since he called professional, I'm sure that he/she must truly be one knowledgeable person. True clever that can manage his/her own resource; time , knowledge and personality. He/she is surely very confident on the way he/she deliver his/her self to the others. He/she knows what is better or not when he/she is in a situation.

Right this time, I am sure that I don't possess all of those characteristics yet but I believe I could be someone like that in proper time, soon.

. . .to be continued


Mr. Wilson said...

Japan-japan..may pka noh..heheh..CP lang akoa ren ha...hehehe

rejserenity said...

heheh as for now-we cud still call ourselves as students thats y we tend to overlook qand underestimate our capabilities...

yet i know... u are at the ryt track-keep it up.! goodluck.!

pagmag.japan ka., mu.upgrade bya hehehe... laptop lng ako

informaxona said...

Right now, hopefully it would be the last sem for my course. >>>>>>> abi nko nag-ana ka nga it would be my last days here in the Philippines..hahahahah JAPANJAPANJAPANJAPANJAPANJAPAN


jamesmalibiran said...

hahaha! mag amaw..

ako pd ren.. hehe..

seriously, capable naman ka ren na makipagsbayan sa iba..,even though genius ka, humble jpn ka.. dba guys?! hehe.. maong idol kaau tka.. ^^

charmj said...

good for you that you've loved everything that happened in your college life..i mean, who wouldn't?hehe..

gnaaway n bya k nmo.huhu