February 20, 2009

Future Technology for Waste Management

In our subject; Future Technology, we students are required to think and propose for a new technology that could be useful in the near future. We are encourage to make technology in our own concept and design.

Our group, we have decided to have an environmental technology. This means creating new technology that help preserve our environment in good condition. As we observe, the world is facing a lot of crisis such waste disorder. Waste today are of different forms; metal waste, plastic, gaseous, oil spill, chemical waste and others. People are getting careless and mismanage in their garbage. Dumping waste to improper places are observe anywhere. Some waste management systems employed are still insufficient.

Now here is the new technology for waste management we proposed. . .

Major Machine Parts

1. Program Storage – A storage location where the core program for waste management is installed to run the whole machine.

2. Liquid Waste Container – Liquid form of waste are separated in this storage drained from the separator machine.

3. Roller – Runs the crashed and separated wastes coming from the separator machine to be segregated after.

4. Solid Waste Container – Solid form of waste are segregated through this storage. (Plastic, Metal, Others). Inside every solid waste container are granulators that refine and make granules of solid waste ready for recycling.

5. Robotic Hands – Every robotic hand have dedicated type of waste to pick-up and segregate into its dedicated solid waste vessels.

6. Separator Machine – Performs crashing, separation and heating of waste.

7. Open Back – Portion of the machine where people can directly throw their waste

This futuristic waste machine is as big as regular cargo container. It can process kilos of waste daily. It produces recyclable waste for both liquid and solid. With this machine, zero waste future is possible.