March 6, 2009

Paper Update

At last, my paper is almost done. Completing a study was never that easy but as long as we are persevere; there is no reason for us not to finish such study.

Starting from data gathering, we must always exert effort. Then we start data tabulation and computation. We must consider beforehand our data, the research framework and result we want to generate in line with the study’s objective.

We must be consistent in the computation method we will use. Currently, we can make use of some softwares that employs statistical methods for us to have easy computation.

Lastly, the important point to consider is willingness to finish and learn.


rsgamboa said...

CONGRATZ in advance ... hope to see you in japan last week of may or early june ..hehhe

Rendell said...

tanx s comment sir RSG...
I hope so..