June 18, 2009

Davao to Hiroshima

It was 6.30 in the morning, when i got the first flight from Davao. It was cebu pacific. The destination was Manila since their is no international flight direct Davao to Japan. It was around 8.15 when i reached the terminal 3 of NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport). Then from Manila I took another flight heading Japan. Hiroshima City currently has no international flight direct from Manila, so I need to get a flight to a nearer city and it is Fukuoka. So the next flight was Manila - Fokuoka. The departure time was 10.15.. And around 3.20 (Japan Time) in the afternoon when I safely reached Fukuoka international airport. My very first OC (out of country). It was actually 4 hours of travel, not 5 since Japan time is about 1 hour ahead over the Philippine time. From there, we commute on a bus going to a train station. Then around 20 minutes of a train until we reached shinkansen train station. From there, we travel using the ideal train of japan, the bullet train heading to the city of Hiroshima. It was an hour of nonstop travel, so you can imagine how far is Fukuoka to Hiroshima. From the downtown of Hiroshima, we travel again by a round routing train to get to our proper place in Hiroshima, which is Nishi-ku.I reached the apartment where I will be spending most of the time in Japan very tired.


informaxona said...

huhu... makainggit.. keep blogging for japan updates ren ha..hehe