July 21, 2009

Filipino Groups

Nowadays fellow Filipino are courageously journeying abroad, generally to seek fortune. And seems every year, more and more from our fellows exit the country. That's why, somehow we Filipinos already in abroad are expecting more to meet some fellow countrymen on this foreign place.

Fortunately in Hiroshima, Filipinos are getting intact. Even not on a single group but Filipinos are coming out their place and find their fellows. One good group/organization here in the prefecture is the Hiroshima Filipino Association. It is a church based group and founded by few Christian members (Filipino priests, nun . . .). It formally started last year. The group is still young with less than 50 members. Currently, HFA is fast spreading and tries to embrace other Filipino groups and inviduals in the City of Hiroshima.

Presently, I am joining the group. With them, I fell the environment of the Philippines. In fact most of members are bisaya, "Ayos kaayo, makarelate ko". Since the group is church based, usual gathering and bonding is every Sunday on the Hiroshima Catholic Church.

try to visit: http://hfa.nexo.com/


The Rice Creator said...

ana gud del! pangitaa imong kauri! ehehehe! basig maghimo na sad ka og pastor anah del! programmer na pastor! eheheh

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hehe, dli pud ko gusto mhimo pastor ker oie..

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