July 24, 2009

The Safety Line

If you stroll the along sidewalks of Hiroshima and maybe in other places in Japan, you will observe a usually colored yellow pavement or lane/line in center. It is the safety line intended for the blind. They call it "truncated dome" or tiny bumper/tiny humps. The bricks are slightly elevated and loosely arranged so that the surface becomes irregular and can be easily noticed. See pictures:



Along this line, connected on almost all street sides in a City, the visually different society can confidently stroll over the sidewalks, even at the least of none escorted. They will be on safety during their walk as long as they consciously follow the guide.

Such a nice effort on the the side of the authorities of the city/country to create such safety line for the blind. This effort is observed not only in Japan but also in other countries.


informaxona said...

pero unsaon nla pagkakta sa yellow line???

The Rice Creator said...

galinga gud ni madam oi! sa pilipinas naa man sad tah anah! kanang yellow2x........ yellow box lang noon para sa pampasahero! ehehehhehe

Rendell said...

hehe, murag n xa og humps..bugdo.bugdo n xa n gagmay..dili xa plane..

usually, nga2ngkod ang buta pra mfill nila ang kompol2 or dd2 cla mglakaw..

hehe, lahi mn 2ng yellow lane ker s davao..

tanx s comments..

香魚烘蛋Tata said...